One of the most beautiful landscapes in Hungary is Keszthely surrounded by the lake Balaton and the Bakony Mountains. It is bounded to the south and east by the well-developed beaches of the lake, to the west by the unique natural values of the Little Lake and to the north by the Bakony forest and streams. Our guests arrive in a town that is rich in sights, historical monuments and cultural heritage. Cultural events, exhibitions, theater performances, light classical music, and last but not least, culinary and wine festivals make our guests stay richer and more colourful.

Our town is only 7 km away from Hévíz, which is famous about its world’s largest natural thermal lake. The lake water is heated by geothermal energy. The temperature of the water is 30-35 ° C in summer and it can reach no lower than 22 ° C in winter. The thermal water works primarily for musculoskeletal disorders.