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      Become part of a special dining experience: Visit the Wine Museum restaurant where traditional side dishes, European cuisine, wines of our own winery and wines of most famous Hungarian wineries are served.

      The restaurant is set in a more than 200 years old vintner's cellar, where the scenery is further enhanced by the furniture made of presses and old barrels. We are also proud of many Grand Prix awards of the Hungarian National Gastronomy Society.

      Spend some days rich in experiences and tastes in Keszthely! Our restaurant makes sure of the culinary adventure with a wide range of dishes and our private wines while the hotel provides a perfect relaxation, comfortable rooms and current promotions!

      The history of the Bacchus Wine Museum Keszthely

      Bacchus Wine Museums presents all 22 wine –districts of Hungary, and 800 different kinds of equipment which are 2-3000 years old and its usage is connected to grape and wine culture.

      The cellar under the house 18 Erzsébet királyné street in Keszthely belonged to wine trader before the World War II. After nationalization it functioned as the contractor cellar of Badacsony Wine-Cellars and in 1990 it was taken to the ownership of the Bezerics family. The hotel connected to the wine museum was built one year later. Since the family deals also with wine –growing, they decided to leave the more hundred- year old cellar untouched and an exhibition dealing with wine-growing would be organised.

      When in 1992 the cellar was opened, huge, glass tails covered concrete 62 000 litre wine containers were found next to the corridor which were later converted into exhibition halls as well. The tails- according to the inscriptions found on them- were delivered by a Swiss company in 1911. At the corner of the ceiling gaps to fill the wine can be seen.